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Hello & welcome to Home Design Tutorials!

This blog is dedicated to demystifying architecture by peeling back layers of complexity in order to discover the underlying design principles. Each blog post tackles a different design project and looks at the key elements of design involved. As there are always many methods to build something, the best way to learn about design is through understanding those key principles.

Every post offers a chance for further learning by listing a a few handpicked books on the presented subject. You can also check out the Design Books page to see a list of our all time favourite design books. We also have a Pinterest page where we try to update photos that inspired us while working on our design projects.

We also offer design services, so if you are looking for help with bringing your design ideas into reality, please see our services / contact page.






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All drawings and images found on this website are given in good faith and intended as reference use only. Detailed drawings are not to be used for manufacture without consent. For all enquiries, please contact me via email (

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